Managing Council Members


Dr. Sunil Gupta


Dr. Madhukar Kherde


Dr. Prashant Agnihotri

Immediate Past President:

Dr. Sharad Pendase


  • Dr. R. B. Kalamkar
  • Dr. Mrs. Sunanda Chawaji
  • Dr. Pramod Gandhi
  • Dr. Sunil Ambulkar

About Us

Diabetes is a common chronic metabolic disease which is characterised by high blood sugar level & affects all types of society including children , youth , women and adults. As per the survey of International Diabetic Federation in 2012 we have 371 millions people with Diabetes and may expected to 551millions by 2013 It is the common Life Style Disease which is plugging people in the developed and developing countries and often has a casual link to Heart Diseases , and Obesity. Its a leading cause of End stage Renal disease ,non traumatic lower limb amputation , preventable Blindness ,and a major risk factor of Coronary Artery Diseases and Cerebrov ascular diseases .


Looking in to the dreaded complications of the Diabetes , Diabetic Association Of India , Nagpur Branch came into existence to fight with the Diabetes. Our Association arranges Health Check up Camps, Awareness Programs through Continuing Medical Education programs and various workshops for the Doctors and Society at large to upgrade their knowledge about Diabetes .We appreciate the research work done by our members. We print, publish and circulate the Journals, Books , pamphlets etc. and also promotes plans for early detection of Diabetes.


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Managing Council Members